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Hi! I’m Jeannine and I’m a wedding and lifestyle photographer in London and the Home Counties.

I help couples make long-lasting memories by capturing the precious moments of their wedding day. You spend months (maybe years) planning your wedding and the day goes by in flash, which is what makes wedding photography so special. It’s an honour to be part of such a magical day.

The same can be said for families. They grow and change so quickly, you should document as much as you can. Family photography is a stunning way to turn happy moments into timeless mementos.

I love photography and I’m really passionate about telling your story through my photos. I look at every wedding or family photo shoot creatively and candidly. I like to capture the little details that make you you, and show off your uniqueness. Natural, candid and honest moments make stunning pictures to share for years to come.

If this sounds like you, then I’d love to hear from you.

Pre-Wedding Shoots

Let’s get together before your wedding and get to know each other. Engagement shoots are a great way to break the ice and talk about your big day. A pre-wedding photoshoot will help you feel comfortable in front of the camera and practice a few poses for your wedding day. It’s also a really enjoyable day for the couple, lots of fun and laughter and some beautiful pictures to boot! Any camera-shy jitters will be long gone by the time your amazing day arrives.

Weddings & Events

Weddings are at the heart of what I do. I love nothing more than witnessing a gorgeous couple tie the knot; from start to finish the entire day is so exciting. Your wedding day flies by so it’s important to capture all those moments and make long-lasting memories.  There are so many special moments throughout the day, from getting ready to the moment the couple meet eyes down the aisle, to the “I do” to the first dance. All these moments at the end of the day tell a beautiful story and two people who come together to become one. I love natural photography, at country style, boho weddings. If that sounds like you, I’d love to hear from you!


Family photography is so special. Life goes by in a flash and before you know it the kids are grown up and you’ve nothing to look back on. I often sit back and just look at my children, to watch their facial expressions as they talk and I try to freeze the image in mind so that I never forget it. That’s when I pick up my camera and take a few photos because I know that right here and right now I will never get that moment back again and tomorrow they will be another day older, another day closer to being all grown up. It’s absolutely one of the best investments you can make, family is everything and why wouldn’t you want to remember it all.

what I have to say….

Dance like no one is watching

I love this image especially as it’s such a beautiful sunny day. I love how pretty her white dress looks against the long grass whilst she twirls care free in the glorious light. I love seeing how gorgeous all the children look on the day of a wedding. It takes so much time to get them all ready and looking so smart to only then spend the rest of the time before the ceremony trying to keep them clean. Once all the formalilties are over and done with the children almost instantly can sense the now relaxed atmosphere and before you can say ‘ would you like a juice’ they have formed a group of sidekicks and together they have the time of their lives.


Something I did not know how to do when I first went into wedding photography was how to pin on a buttonhole, turns out most of the boys don’t know either. It’s definitely something to put on your check list of things to do/ or to prepare….

Must-have wedding day photography

Your wedding day will go by in a flash. It’s one of those things that gets said all the time that you can’t quite believe until you experience it, but it’s true. You’ve spent months planning, organising, saving and preparing, and it can seem it takes forever to come around but the day itself whizzes by!

Why is family photography important?

Have you ever sat around the dinner table looking at your family and felt a swell of pride? Or thought about how fast your kids are growing up? Then family photography is exactly what you need!

What others have to say…

“Thank you so much for being the absolute perfect wedding photographer – you really helped make our day even more special. We love the sneak peek and we are so excited to see the rest. Thanks again for being so utterly brilliant.”
Lauren & Wilf