Have you ever sat around the dinner table looking at your family and felt a swell of pride? Or thought about how fast your kids are growing up? Then family photography is exactly what you need!



Time goes so fast – milestones come and go and before you know it, the family have all grown up; this is why I love family photography. I think it’s really important to document happy memories with your family and capture memories to hold on to forever.

Of course, mobile technology has meant that everyone has a camera in their pocket, but a professional photoshoot is completely different. A photoshoot is an event; a one of a kind experience for all to enjoy.

There are so many reasons to have a professional family photoshoot – here are my top five!


It’s a fun experience

Getting the whole family together for an activity is a lot of fun! Your photoshoot hasn’t got to be you all sitting up straight against a white backdrop – you can do whatever you want!

Occasions like birthdays or anniversaries are great material for family photography, or maybe even an experience day that the whole family can enjoy.

Whatever brings out your personality and lots of smiles makes for the best photographs.


Document your kids growing

You can create a visual timeline of your kids growing; documenting them at all key stages and have a record of the important milestones. As kids grow and change so fast, after a while it starts to fade into the background against normal everyday life. Capturing the moments in pictures means that you can always look back and relive them.


Great gifts

Family photographs make a really lovely gift for family members, especially for distant family who do not get to experience many milestones themselves.

Photo gifts are really popular, so there are many different ways you can use your pictures to give to your loved ones.


Everyone’s included

The biggest downside to taking family pictures yourselves is that someone has to be behind the camera. This of course means that person can’t be in the picture. Whereas with a professional photoshoot everyone can be involved without anyone having to feel left out.

There are often people who prefer to be out of the pictures; usually because of lack of confidence in front of the camera. I urge these people to not miss out due to shyness, and I promise once you get into the swing of it, you’ll have a great time.

Looking back on the photographs years later is a lovely trip down memory lane. It’s another excuse to get everyone together and have a fun, loving time, and you’ll be glad that everyone was involved.


Make memories before a big change

Families change all the time – people move away from home, go off to university or travelling. There are many happy (and sad) reasons why the family situation might change. A family photoshoot to signify these moments not only creates beautiful pictures, but it also a great opportunity for everyone to get together and celebrate, say goodbye, or commemorate.




I love seeing the extraordinary in the ordinary. Life passes you by and what remains are just memories, so why not turn them with beautiful works of art.

What are your reasons for thinking about a family photoshoot? I’d love to hear your story and work with you to create lasting memories and stunning pictures.