As a wedding photographer, I know that every wedding day is different and there’s a lot going on. But even with the most detailed itinerary, it’s impossible for me to be in two places at once. Sure, everyone has a smart phone camera in their pocket, but they doesn’t come close to the quality of a professional photograph.

With this in mind, I want to talk to you today about having TWO wedding photographers. I’ve worked with a second shooter many times, and the list of benefits are endless. I could talk for days about why you should think about having two wedding photographers, but let’s start with my top reasons.

Capturing both sides of the story

The top reason for having two wedding day photographers is that it’s simply not possible for one person to capture everything. Your wedding day is full of activity and excitement, it can be easy for something to get missed. With two photographers you can be certain that everything gets covered.

I can shoot the bride getting ready, while my colleague captures guest arriving. While I’m capturing the bride coming down the aisle, the other photographer can catch the groom’s expression. There are so many things all happening at the same time that you never have to worry about missing one of those precious moments.

Getting ready shots

Your wedding day is one of the biggest and more important days of your life. It’s so much more than just the ceremony and reception, it’s a whole day – an event! You should make sure everything is captured – from getting ready to first dance.

Getting ready shots are becoming more and more popular as couples opt for their wedding photography to span the whole day. These images are often lovely candid pictures of the bride having her make up done, or the dress silhouetted in a window.

But what about the groom!?

Groom prep shots are really fun and give an insight into the day you might not otherwise see. People often joke that it’s the “bride’s day” but the groom deserves fuss too.

Having a second shooter means both of the happy couple get their preparation hours documented. The outcome of really special photos is something I couldn’t achieve alone.


Different styles and perspectives

From what we wear to what we eat and everything in the middle, different people have different styles and perspectives. This is especially true with creative expression like photography.

Two photographers deliver twice the amount of experience and creative eyes. This will bring a really unique mix of perspectives which creates a variety of beautiful images. Even just a slight difference in angle, lighting of focus can add depth to the collection and further enhance your story.

My style of photography is very candid and natural. I like to work with a second shooter with different strengths so we can bounce ideas off of each other and create something really unique that the couple will love.


Better organisation for large groups

The big group shot is a really popular image for wedding photographs. It looks amazing, especially when taken from a great angle. The only issue with this type of shot is that it can take a while to coordinate. So, having a second photographer to organise guests while I work the angle makes the task a lot quicker and easier. An additional photographer adds so much value to your wedding day photography; not just for the couple but for me too.

Reliable backup

A second shooter is valuable and reliable backup. I recently had an incident where the memory card in the camera was full just as I was photographing the witnesses during the mock-up registry. You’d think I would panic, but instead I just asked my second shooter to cover me while I replaced the card – easy!

That is just one small example of why it’s so necessary to have a back-up. I often wonder what would happen if a solo-photographer suddenly becomes ill or injured? Anything can happen like a faulty camera or even just a full memory card as mentioned above – this is why having a back-up is vital. Not only are they there to help capture all the details you otherwise would miss they are also there to ensure the day runs smoothly in case of any mishaps.


Those hard to reach shots

There are so many wedding day moments that go by in a flash (no pun intended), and sometimes they get missed. Anything can get in the way of that perfect shot, whether it’s a guest that moves unexpectedly, or a breeze moving some décor in front of the lens.

I once very nearly missed the first kiss as the registrar stepped into my shot – thankfully my second photographer managed to capture the perfect angle.

Keeping it discreet

I enjoy capturing the expressions of wedding guests during the speeches. It’s a time of real, raw emotion that can be captured forever.

But wandering across the whole crowd in the middle of a speech can be distracting. Two photographers mean we can focus on a smaller pool of people and limit the amount we need to move around. We can be a lot more discreet and subtle, to candidly capture the precious moments


Having another shooter work with me at a wedding makes not only my experience better but it ultimately results in a greater experience for my bride and groom and all their guests on their wedding day,