Something I did not know how to do when I first went into wedding photography was how to pin on a buttonhole, turns out most of the boys don’t know either. It’s definitely something to put on your check list of things to do/ or to prepare. Trying to google tutorials whilst standing in the middle of a farm about to walk inside a stunning wedding barn does not always prove successful.

In case you also did not know like myself (because unless you’ve been a groom or bestman why would you, right!?), the button hole is pinned to the left lapel of the jacket ( over the heart); it does not poke through a button hole on the jacket. Florists supply pearl headed pins with your button hole so that you can secure them to your jacket lapel.

Hold your button hole in place on your jacket lapel with the stem facing down; then from the back of the lapel poke the pin through so that it appears at the front of the lapel; direct the pin over the button hole stem at a position just under the flower, and then back into the lapel on the other side so that it holds the button hole firmly onto the jacket.

That’s it, you’re all done and ready to go.