Does anyone know where 2018 went? Somehow, we’re careening towards Christmas; it’s getting dark earlier, winter coats are coming out of hiding, and we’re talking about winter weddings!

The seasons are changing, but more than that the schedule seems to have changed too. The colder months seem to be getting later, which means wintry weddings are going all the way up to March, which is fine by me. Winter weddings are gorgeous; the style, the colours, the glistening frost – stunning!

Today I’m going to talk about some of my favourite winter wedding trends, and what I expect to see at upcoming weddings. But first, just a little tip from a ‘tog. It gets dark so much earlier, which means that precious time outside taking photos of the happy couple is limited. With less time with natural light, we’ve either got to catch the light in time, use additional lighting, or have indoor pictures. Alternatively, think about starting your wedding a little earlier (about midday) so there’s enough time after the ceremony for outdoor photos.

Now, to the trends!


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Pinterest is rife with Royal themed weddings, and I think this is going to be very popular this year.  We’ve had two Royal weddings this year, a princess born and another Royal baby on the way – it’s been a big year for the Royals and that has translated into wedding trends. Check out my blog about Harry and Meghan here! While the summer was very much about country, boho weddings, the winter is going to be more regal.

Meghan recently wore a simple white dress by Australian designer Karen Gee. As soon as pictures hit the worlds media, Karen Gee’s website was flooded with so many inquiries, it actually crashed. Their style choices are extremely popular and I’ve no doubt we’ll be seeing this in upcoming weddings.


Bridal capes

Move over veil, there’s a new accessory in town! Capes have always been an off-beat choice for brides, but they’re becoming incredibly popular this year. A blog by listed an impressive 35 different styles of bridal capes. The list included lace, chiffon, silk; tie-up, button-up; two strapped, ponchos; glittery, embellished with pearls – so many options and they are all gorgeous.

Not only do they look amazing, a little extra coverage on the shoulders in the cold winter makes them practical too. Also, there’s no chance of it blowing away in the wind.

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Drone photography is becoming hugely popular. It’s an interesting concept which involved flying a drone high above the wedding and capturing a birds-eye view. This is particularly effective for outdoor weddings, especially weddings on the beach as the drone can capture a viewpoint no one else can. Drone photographs can be taken by anyone (who has a drone, obviously!) but it is in addition to normal photography and could in no way replace a professional photographer.


Clear marquee

Clear marquees- yes you read that right! Clear marquees! These are a relatively new trend and I think they’re such a great concept that will carry through winter to the rest of the year. The typical white material is replaced with clear PVC on t eh roof and one panel. This lets in lots of natural light and gives a stunning view of the surroundings.

I hope to see this a lot more throughout 2019 as it makes the most beautiful, natural light.


Credit: ESL Marquees


Unplugged ceremonies

At every single wedding I shot this Summer, the couple requested that no photos were taken during the ceremony by the guests. I personally love this concept, as it makes the ceremony more intimate and the guest more engaged.

Watching something through a screen really takes the moment away, and the flashes from cameras can be a distraction, or impact the professional photographs.


What do you think we’ll see this winter? Let me know over on social media!