It’s one of the first (and most thought-provoking) things on your to-do list – choosing your wedding venue! There are countless things to consider when venue-scouting; capacity, location, theme, price to name a few. But there is another consideration that many people overlook and that’s the photographs.

Of course, as a photographer I know how to make the very best out of the space and lighting available, but here is my list of top five things to consider when choosing your venue – from a photographer’s perspective.

Bride/groom prep space

If you choose to shots of wedding party getting ready, then this area is just as important style-wise as the main venue. Getting-ready shots are often a mix of candid shots and stylised shots of the dress, shoes etc (check out my Must Have Shots blog for more about getting ready shots).

When choosing your venue, it’s worth figuring out there this area will be and if there is enough space and light to make great photographs.

Scenery/grounds of your wedding venue

The time between the ceremony and the wedding breakfast is really special for wedding photographer. This is the time the bride and groom have their couple photos taken and get to spend a bit of alone time (with me!) to catch up after they say “I do”.

Think about where this special time could take place when looking at venues. Venues with grounds are great because you can find lovely little nooks with foliage that make a great photograph. This also means you can spend time walking around relaxing in the beautiful scenery. No two photos will look the same when you have lots of different background options.

That being said, the good old British weather isn’t necessarily the most reliable, so it’s a good idea to have a wet-weather plan. Think about where you can have your photographs taken inside if the weather does not permit you to go outside.

Vantage points

A popular photograph at weddings is the big group shot. This is where the entire wedding party and all guests gather in a nice space for a big group shot. I recommend finding an elevated viewpoint, so your photographer can get an even better shot from above. This makes a really great photograph where everyone can be involved.

This style also created depth and adds variety to the pictures. Other ways to do this could be on a gorgeous cascading staircase or from a balcony, for example.



Well this one isn’t technically about the venue, but it’s still an important point. Table centrepieces are an important part of your wedding styling. There are some stunning, elaborate centrepieces on offer, but sometimes these can make life tricky for photographers. A tall centrepiece might look amazing, but they can block the view and spoil a shot.

Your style and colours

The venue should reflect your own personal style, and the style of photography you want for your wedding day. You need to stand out and it should tell a story.

For example, if the wedding party are all wearing very light colours like whites and silvers, and the venue and décor are all completely white and silver, it’s possible you’re going to get lost in the background. So, try to find an area with a pop of colour that can juxtapose against the light colours – or vice versa.


It might sound cliché, but then you know, you know. When you find the right venue, something will just click like it is meant to be. These are just a few things to have in your mind while looking at venues. Of course whatever your venue, I will work hard to provide you with perfect photos of your wedding day.